Information Technology Consulting

Information Technology Consulting

Blue Screen’s partnerships and collaborators experience, assures the Customer’s best solutions, provided by the ability to analyze and leverage on the existing IT systems, proposing process automation and assess the technological changes required.

The process starts with a comprehensive assessment of the business plan, existing processes, and tools so a plan can be devised to optimize existing resources, hence, IT, preparing the company towards future actions.

Once identified the changes to be recommended, and the implementation procedures, the customer is presented with a plan to adequate its technological platform to support its business growth and customers.

The IT Consulting is a combination of surveys, business reviews and face-to-face workshops allocating a set of the best professionals to interpret data and plan changes.

The process will address all the true characteristics of a successful business and apply the best practices for the defined plan.

These services support customers’ IT initiatives by providing strategic, architectural, and operational planning and implementation.

Finally, all the business processes are reviewed and aligned to support a coherent and holistic digital transformation.