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XPressBSS is the product of more than a decade of experience building Business Software  Solutions. It is a set of business management modules, integrating ERP/EDI tools and business processes. With the focus on simplicity of use, enhancing the mobility and internationalization it provides a comprehensive view of the business, resources, costs, and income.

Is also the combination of the chosen Development Platform for increased agility and business focus; a powerful and dynamic data model, highly scalable and flexible. Results in a  State-of-the-art application concept – cloud-based with responsive UI.

Built by Blue Screen, an agile software development and systems maintenance services company.  Founded in the year 2000, it is a Portuguese company, based in Lisbon, which operates in the international information technology market; its business extends throughout Europe – with a particular focus on Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom – as well as Brazil. Its team is highly qualified and recognized by its customers as having capabilities to provide integrated global IT solutions.