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Customized Resource Planner

XPressBSS is an enterprise agility platform aimed towards Business Software Solutions and built with a set of business management modules (integrating ERP/EDI tools and business processes). XPressBSS focuses on the simplicity of use, enhances the mobility and internationalization and provides a comprehensive view of the business, resources, costs, and income. XPressBSS is a Blue Screen’s solution that benefits from over a decade of experience building winning BSS products.

XPressBSS introduce the concept of “Customized Resource Planner”, the combination of the elected low-code development platform for increased agility and business focus, as well as its powerful and dynamic data model, highly scalable and flexible.

Built by Blue Screen, an agile software development and systems maintenance services company.  Founded in the year 2000, it is a Portuguese company, based in Lisbon, which operates in the international information technology market; its business extends throughout Europe – with a particular focus on Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom – as well as Brazil. Its team is highly qualified and recognized by its customers as having capabilities to provide integrated global IT solutions.